Spinach Pear Spice

With this smoothie, I decided to do a cross between a favorite juice, Pear Tart, from my “Big Book Of Juices” book with some of my smoothie ingredients.  It turned out delicious!!

Spinach Pear Spice

2 cups apple juice (I used Simply Apple.)

4 small pears

2 handfuls spinach

1 banana

1/3 cup vanilla yogurt

ground cinnamon, to taste

ground ginger, to taste (fresh ginger would be awesome in this!)

You’re going to cut and core your pears before adding them to the blender.  Peel your banana too! 😉   Add everything and mix it up well.  I actually added my spices last and ended up shaking the blender to get them mixed in.  If I make this again, and I’m sure I will, I will put the spices in with the apple juice and then add the rest of the ingredients on top.  That should mix it up pretty well.  This was very tasty.  If you have texture issues, pears are fairly gritty.  If you can get used to the texture, you’ll love this!

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