Cherry Beet Smoothie

Ok, we’re totally cool with drinking kale and spinach in our smoothies.  I wanted to try a new smoothie today.  With beets!  I was a little nervous.  I haven’t been super fond of the juices with beets in them and my kids REALLY didn’t like them!  I was playing with fire!  Here’s what I did…

Cherry Beet Smoothie

1 1/2 cups apple juice (I used Simply Apple.)

1 cup milk

2 cups frozen cherries

2 bananas

1/2 beet

1/3 cup vanilla yogurt

Put your liquid in the blender first, then add the rest.  You’re going to want to cut your beet up a little so it blends easier.  I was able to blend mine beyond recognition!  Aside from the taste.  Which was not bad!  I think the kids were ok with it.  It may not have been their favorite, but we did like we do every morning, grab a straw and race!  They love a good competition!  One thing this smoothie has going for it that the kale smoothies don’t, it’s much prettier!

Keep in mind, the amount of smoothie I’m coming up with is about 5 cups worth.  It would be very easy for you to cut it down if you need to.

*In recent lab studies on human tumor cells, betanin pigments from beets have been shown to lessen tumor cell growth through a number of mechanisms, including inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes (specifically, cyclooxygenase enzymes). The tumor cell types tested in these studies include tumor cells from colon, stomach, nerve, lung, breast, prostate and testicular tissue. While lab studies by themselves are not proof of beets’ anti-cancer benefits, the results of these studies are encouraging researchers to look more closely than ever at the value of betanins and other betalains in beets for both prevention and treatment of certain cancer types.


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