Carrot Mustache

I told my daughter I was going to make some juice this afternoon.  She perked up and said she wanted to make some too!  Ok!  She decided on everything that went into it, she juiced it herself, and she drank it all!  (except for that little taste I took.)  I named it though…after her carrot mustache.

Carrot Mustache

2 apples

2 carrots

2 cups seeded grapes

She really liked this.  And I’ll admit, it was tasty!

*The carrot can trace its ancestry back thousands of years, originally having been cultivated in central Asian and Middle Eastern countries, along with parts of Europe. These original carrots looked different from those that we are accustomed to today, featuring red, purple, and yellow coloring rather than the bright orange that we’ve become accustomed to in U.S. supermarkets. Carrots became widely cultivated in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries and were first brought over to North America during this same general time period.


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