Good Fat Smoothie

I decided to give avocados another chance.  Today, I decided to make something up on my own though!

Avocado Cherry Smoothie

1 avocado (Peel and remove seed.)

1 cup frozen cherries (I stuck mine in the microwave to thaw them just a tad.)

1 1/2 cups milk (I used 2%…you can use more or less depending on how thick you want it.)

1 banana

Mix it up!  I poured some for the kids to try.  They both seemed to like it pretty well.  The first sip I took I wondered if they would or not.  I could taste avocado in it.  When I mentioned that it had one in there, my son seemed pretty surprised.  I’d say it’s a winner!

Avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid. They also act as a “nutrient booster” by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein, in foods that are eaten with the fruit.

Meat proteins, fat oil, vitamins and minerals from vegetables, they all are found in a single fruit: avocado. Eating this is like having a whole meal, with different types of food!

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