Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie

What a lovely name for a breakfast smoothie!

Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie

2 cups low-fat milk or low-fat vanilla yogurt (I used 2% milk.)

2 bananas, peeled, sliced

1 cup fresh pineapple chunks (I used frozen)

4-6 Clementine oranges, peeled (I used tangerines.)

Mix it all up in the blender.  This made a big portion.  2 large smoothies.  Please tell me, are all smoothies supposed to be so pulpy?  When I make smoothies with oranges or other citrus fruits, they end up really pulpy!  I love my orange juice to have a lot of pulp in it, I just don’t want it in a smoothie.  Is it normal to have so much pulp or should I get a new blender, STAT?  Other than all the pulp, this one tasted really good!



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