Mean Green

Mean Green is the juice blend they talk about on the documentary “Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead.”  The title could not describe it any better!  When I first heard of it, I was thinking the “mean” came from all the green stuff going into it.  NOT SO!  The “mean” is for the ginger!  This was mega-spicy!!

Mean Green

6 kale leaves

4 sticks celery

2 apples

1 cucumber

1/2 lemon

1 piece of ginger

Now, the ingredient “piece of ginger” is really vague.  My sister told me you kind of want a good amount of ginger to mask the veggies in this.  HOLY COW!!!!  I think it was a mix of the ginger, lemon, and celery that did it for me.  I really did not want to finish it but I did!!  It burned going down!!  I’m going to go ahead and say I’d rather drink beet juice!  I also had my husband try a small glass.  To quote him, “You could do some cleaning with that stuff!”  I will try it again one day and use MUCH less ginger!  WOWZA!

The good things about this are the nutrition!

Kale is a natural wonderfood full of vitamins and minerals as well as anti-cancer nutrients.  It’s a very cleansing, immune-boosting, skin-healing, bone-building green!

Celery is very cleansing and helps rid the body of excess water.

Apples are detoxifying, and good for lowering cholesterol, aiding digestion, and improving the condition of the skin.

Cucumbers are a great natural diuretic…which means they help rid the body of excess water like celery!

Lemons are a good source of potassium.

Ginger helps improve digestion and circulation.  It also relieves nausea, bloating, colds, sore throats, and inflammation!

So, at least there’s that!

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2 Responses to Mean Green

  1. Melissa says:

    Judging by the amount of ginger in your “before” photo, I’d say you used about 3x too much. Wowzas. Give it another try with less ginger…a little goes a long way.

  2. bigandjuicy says:

    Well, I was going by the picture at this website:
    Yeah, I guess I used way too much! I’ll try it again sometime! Maybe I’ll have you make it for me! 😀

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