Apricot Cream Smoothie

Breakfast time!  That means we had to find a new and exciting smoothie that would fatten up my son!  You’d almost think I was the witch from Hansel and Gretel!  Don’t worry, my oven isn’t that big!

I’ve had some apricots in the fridge for a while now and I needed to use them before they went bad.  I love apricots!  Not so much the taste, but they are the cutest freaking fruit you’ve ever seen!  They are as soft as a baby’s skin too!  I couldn’t stop petting them!  The ripest ones are also higher in beta-carotene content.  My grocery store had them on hand but “The Big Book Of Juices” recommends soaking dried apricots overnight.  (make sure you find some that aren’t sweetened!)  Also, don’t forget to take out the pit first!

Apricot Cream Smoothie                           

4 apricots

2 handfuls strawberries (I used frozen)

5 tablespoons natural yogurt

10 tablespoons apple juice

WHOO!!  This was pretty tangy!  My son loves dried apricots and yogurt which is mostly what we tasted in this.  He didn’t complain a bit and drank it down fast!  Stars: 5 energy, 0 detox, 4 immunity, 2 digestion, 5 skin.

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