Apple Blush

While I had the juicer out, I decided to make a juice for when the kids get home from school.  The past couple of days they’ve both been requesting that I make juice for them!  THAT’S RIGHT!  The kids WANT it now!  SUCCESS!

Apple Blush

3 apples

1 nectarine (don’t forget to remove the pit first!)

8 strawberries

How could you go wrong with these fruits together?  You couldn’t.  Yummy!  Stars: 5 energy, 2 detox, 3 immunity, 1 digestion, 4 skin.

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4 Responses to Apple Blush

  1. Becky says:

    Not only yummy tasting but pretty to look at too!

  2. bigandjuicy says:

    The kids loved this one! Also, I’m going to give the credit to the juice here, they’re both mega-energetic tonight!

  3. SAMANTHA says:

    yum! that looks amazing! I’m gonna have to try it! you might also like my blog on natural health/wellness as i’m a big juice advocate! cheers!

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