I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I needed to make a juice with tomato in it.  Tomato lover here!  I can eat little grape tomatoes like they’re candy!  BUT…I don’t like tomato juice or V-8.  I’m getting braver with the juices though, so I thought it might be an acquired taste I needed to get used to.  Now, my sister HATES tomatoes!  The only way she can tolerate them is in a sauce with spices added.  She was very reluctant to try this blend.  We decided to cut the recipe in half so we weren’t ruining our nice afternoon of juicing and wii workouts.  It’s a very simple blend with an obvious title.


4 tomatoes

2 oranges

I was able to drink it down pretty quick.  Keep in mind, I split the recipe in half and we divided it 3 ways!  I didn’t have to drink too much.  It was ok.  I’d honestly rather sit and eat my tomatoes and orange by putting them on a salad or something.  If you’re into tomato juice, this should work for you.  My sister claimed she HATED it!  She drank her portion but had a look of disgust while doing so.  She swears by chilling your juice before drinking it and also using a straw.  This might help you if you’re turned off by the smell of any juice.  For me, it’s easier to just chug it down.  Stars: 4 energy, 2 detox, 5 immunity, 0 digestion, 3 skin.

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2 Responses to Tomorange

  1. Your Mom says:

    5 stars for the picture for sure!

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