What The Heck Is Fennel?

I wanted to know.  The girl shopping in the produce department at the grocery store wanted to know.  The man who noticed the green of the fennel sticking out of my cart wanted to know.  My answer to both of them, “I have a juicer and a recipe that calls for it.”  So, do you want to know what fennel is?  Maybe this will help!  http://www.happyjuicer.com/juicing-ingredients/fennel-juice.aspx  “Fennel is sometimes used to help relieve trapped wind and you can use either the bulb leaves or a few small ‘branches’ of the plant.”  hehe  (Yes, I’m immature!)

Fennel is a bulb plant that has a mild aniseed flavor.  Other plants having this flavor are liquorice and tarragon.  That kind of turned me off since I don’t like liquorice.  But, I had already bought it and I’m determined to try some new stuff!

I was pretty nervous when I was preparing the fennel.  I snapped some pieces off of the bulb to wash them and they had a pretty strong liquorice smell.  I was trusting Natalie Savona, author of “The Big Book Of Juices” on this recipe!

Orange Aniseed Twist  

3 oranges

2 sticks celery

1/4 fennel bulb (I ripped off some chunks of the bulb and put a little of the “branch” in too.)

The first thing I thought when I took a sip was how salty it tasted!  You can taste everything about this.  The oranges, the celery, and the fennel.  None of them were very distinct though.  It had a little sour kick with the oranges, and the fennel and celery took it a salty direction.  Interesting.  Not bad, not good.  Tolerable. Stars: 3 energy, 1 detox, 1 immunity, 3 digestion, 1 skin.  Combining stars and taste, this one didn’t get enough to                                justify me making it very often.

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3 Responses to What The Heck Is Fennel?

  1. Your Mom says:

    Well it makes for a very attractive picture.

  2. Debb Vincent says:

    I’ve never actually used fennel, tho I’ve tasted it and find it pleasing. I guess next time I see some that looks really fresh I’ll jump on it. Tonight we have a romaine and spinach salad, baked sweet potato and sauted kale with garlic. Wes gets baked chicken breast with mushrooms. We love sweet potato and I have lots since they were on sale for 79 cents a bag last week. I wonder how it would be in a smoothie? I see breakfast experiments on the horizon!

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