Panana Smoothie

Panana…how fun is that to say?  It tastes good too!


3 peaches (or nectarines)

2 bananas

10 tablespoons apple juice

I only had 2 peaches so I altered this one a tad.  I used 2 peaches, 1 banana, and 5 tablespoons apple juice.  I made this one for my daughter (who shared it with me.)  She complained that it was too thick…I liked it though.  Found myself wanting more.  I really considered licking the glass clean!

Stars: 5 energy, 1 detox, 4 immunity, 3 digestion, 4 skin.  I had to work today.  I clean houses.  Normally about mid-morning I get super sleepy.  I’m certain I could curl up and instantly be dreaming.  Today, I noticed I had more energy and wasn’t sleepy…at all!  I’m going to give credit to this and the pure pineapple creamy I had for breakfast.

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