If You Like Celery…

Another veggie that I have quite a bit of on hand is celery.  I went searching in my “Big Book Of Juices” book to find a good recipe for me to enjoy with dinner…also something I could force on my family!  😀  I found this one.  All it has in it is grapes and celery.  Easy!

Grape Crunch

4 sticks celery

1 large bunch seedless grapes (about 50)(I used red with seeds)

I’m not a huge celery fan.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, I just don’t love it.  Apparently, no one in my family is a fan either!  I gave them each a tiny, and I mean TINY, glass.  They thought they were being tortured!  It wasn’t that bad, especially if you like the taste of celery!  There was no gagging so it couldn’t have been too bad!  Now, for the important part…Stars: 4 energy, 4 detox, 3 immunity, 2 digestion, 3 skin.

I will reward myself tomorrow with some yummy fruit juice!  I’ve earned it!  I’m very proud of myself for always finishing my juice!  YEAH ME!

Note: I’m trying the whole picture thing.  Some of them are silly…I’m new at this!  Gimme a break!

Grape Crunch

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