Winter Crumble

I have boatloads of fruits and veggies in my fridge right now!  My juicer guests I had over yesterday left their stuff here!  Plus, I had just gone to the store the day before!  I look like the produce department at the grocery store!  Except the only misters here are my husband and son!  (badumbum)

So, I’m trying to use the stuff that will go bad the fastest, first.  That puts blackberries high on the list!  Note to self: don’t drop blackberries on your brand new Christmas slippers…they will stain!  😦

Here’s this morning’s juice recipe:

Winter Crumble

2 apples

2 handfuls blackberries (I may have used a little more than 2 handfuls since I have childlike hands.)

This was very tasty.  I almost always assume the all fruit recipes will be tasty.  I’ll be more adventurous with my next juice and add some veggies.  Stars: 5 energy, 2 detox, 4 immunity, 1 digestion, 4 skin.  Not bad!

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